MySQL Support Added to Mover

MySQL Support Added to Mover

Mover no longer supports MySQL. Read on for the original article.

Mover is happy to announce we are supporting MySQL as a Connector. Users can now use Mover to migrate and backup their MySQL files! MySQL is a widely used relational database management system, used throughout the world, and provides its users with an open-sourced platform to access databases and webpages.

We’ve worked with MySQL quite a bit, and like many developers have experienced some of the troubles with MySQL. Thankfully, things such as sluggish transfer times, limited mobility between hosting platforms, and local server dependency are being taken care of with the Mover MySQL Connector!

We made this connector to help alleviate these problems and let developers get back to actually working on their databases and webpages. With this addition to the Mover repertoire it has never been easier to backup your databases and websites, migrate between hosting services, and use differential transfers to ensure all your stored data is up to date!

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