Yandex.Disk is Joining Mover

Yandex.Disk is Joining Mover

As of June 23, 2017, Mover no longer supports Yandex.Disk directly - but our WebDAV connector can be used to still connect to their service. Read on for the original article.

Yandex.Disk is one of Mover’s latest Connectors! Now users will be able to use their Yandex.Disk files for Mover’s migration and backup services, keeping them secure and accessible! Sign up and try it out now!

Yandex.Disk comes from Russian internet giant Yandex, and provides an all-in-one tool for storing, sharing, and accessing all your files on the cloud! We’re thrilled to add this great service to our list of Connectors and make your Yandex.Disk files even more accessible!

They make your data easy to access with Yandex.Disk, and cover everything from photos just taken on your phone to old files on your computer to eBooks on your tablets. With Mover’s Yandex.Disk Connector, your data is now even more accessible.

Whether you are backing up your Yandex.Disk files, trying to transfer files in or out of Yandex.Disk, or even a business trying to securely connect your various cloud storage services, this Connector is a great addition to Mover’s services, and we’re excited to be able to help Yandex.Disk users get even more out of the service!

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