How to Calculate Total Google Drive for Work Data Storage

How to Calculate Total Google Drive for Work Data Storage

March 7, 2019 - An updated version of this post is available here

This is a question I get a lot. Whether you’re trying to migrate from Google Drive to something else, or simply calculate how much backups are going to cost, you need to know how much storage your entire company is using in Google Drive.

Google Apps has some nice reports, but they don’t actually provide a sum total amount of data your employees have in their Drive’s.

Google Drive Admin Reports

Here is how you calculate the total amount of data your company is using in Google Drive:

  1. Visit the Users section in Google Apps admin at** domain=””>**/
  2. Click Download Users and select Download the filtered list of users.

    A CSV (Comma Separated Value document) will be downloaded to your computer. Mine was named

  3. Create a new Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive.

    Once you’re inside, click File and then Import.

    Select the CSV that was previously downloaded.

    I left Replace spreadsheet selected so it imported the data in place.

    Leave Automatic selected under the Separator character heading.

    Click Import.

    You will now see all your users, and a column named Drive usage.

  4. My sheet only had rows A through I. My Drive usage column is in column H. In a blank cell, anywhere other than column H (or your Drive usage column), copy and paste this formula:

    Note: ArrayFormula and RegexExtract are Google Spreadsheets specific and don’t exist in Excel.

    Remember to replace the H:H part if your Drive usage column is somewhere else, or if you want to sum up a different column.

  5. You should now see a sum of the total GB used in Google Drive for your organization.

    Now you know how much data your entire company uses in Google Drive!

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