Migrating to Google Drive

Migrating to Google Drive

Here’s a handy intro to Mover for Google Drive administrators, IT professionals, and users.

If you have ever attempted to educate an employee on the cloud you understand how difficult it can be to break old habits. One of the easiest ways of forming new, great habits using Google Drive is to on-board your users as fast as possible. The faster your users are using Google Drive, the stickier it is, and the more likely they are to adopt it in their day-to-day activities.

A fully hosted web application

Mover is a fully hosted web application that can copy data from any cloud storage provider to another. We process over 2 billion files per month for our users across the globe. We help you get data into Google Drive as fast as possible. This helps you focus on running your business, and not the tedious task of data migration. Here’s how:

Test for Free

Creating an account with Mover is free, and doesn’t cost anything to test. Visit and create an account.

Once you’re logged in the process is very straightforward. We operate with a Source ➡ Destination paradigm, which means we need to connect to two separate services in order to migrate.

Source ➡ Destination

Mover has two options to authorize Google Drive, a Personal Connector which allows access to a single Google Drive account and a Multi-User Connector which Google Apps domain administrators can utilize to access every Google Drive user on your domain. Both options use secure OAuth for authentication.

Migrating from any other cloud storage provider, or an on-prem server, is a breeze. We offer over twenty different Connectors including Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, and FTP/SFTP. The authorization process is very similar across the board, using secure OAuth if available, or by securely storing credentials if required.

Mover offers two main capabilities via our interface:

  • One-time transfers, typically for migrations and non-recurring copies of data.
  • Recurring schedules, typically backups. Once your customer’s data is safely in Google Drive you might handily upsell a backup schedule, and you already have the accounts authorized.

Setting up a one-time migration is very simple. Select a source folder, select a destination folder, and click transfer!

Powerful Capabilities

Each Mover account has powerful capabilities

  • Incremental transfers
  • Detailed log files
  • Complex scheduling
  • Great customer support

Large Migrations

For our customers who need a little bit extra we also offer

  • Managed services for large or time-sensitive migrations
  • Infinitely scalable transfers.
  • Complex folder and user mappings
  • Resharing of files and folders
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Meta data transfer (coming soon)

If you are moving to or from another cloud storage vendor, Mover is especially useful. We create direct connections between servers, so your local computers never have to get involved in the process. There’s no messy software to download, and the speed of your local internet connection doesn’t matter.

Get in touch

Try Mover out for free. If you have more than a handful of users we recommend you drop us a line at sales@mover.io and we’ll help you be successful! Don’t forget to check us out on our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages!

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