State of the Industry July 2019 - Graphic by Angela Jeske

State of the Industry July 2019

In the stormy month of July, SharePoint stole some thunder from OneDrive, earning the title of migration with the most users migrated (33.3%). But two migrations to OneDrive totaled 49.3% of the users migrated. So overall, OneDrive still came out ahead.

From the data perspective, OneDrive made it rain. 86.2% of the data in the top five migrations moved to OneDrive.

Note: In both of our Top 5 migration pies, you’ll see that two different slices share the same label, “Box to OneDrive.” This is not a mistake. Each slice represents a migration that had the same source (Box) and destination (OneDrive).

Don’t forget to look past the pies and check out our trailing historical metrics for the last 3 and 12 months. In these bar graphs, you get a visual of the migration trends for the cloud storage providers we work with the most.

July 2019

Top 5 Migrations Based on Users

Top 5 Migrations Based on Data

3 Month Summary of Migrations by Destination

12 Month Summary of Migrations by Destination

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