Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

Help us solve true big data problems. We manage billions of files per month for customers that you know as household names. Make an impact using your full-stack knowledge of technologies such as PHP, Node.js, and React to implement new features and maintain Mover's web app, server technology, and other infrastructure.

Your knowledge of RESTful APIs and cloud storage will be valuable as you work in a team environment to accomplish our goals. Experience with some of the technologies we like to use such as React/Flux, Symfony, Mongo, AMQP, and AWS, will also help you have an excellent time working with us.

We're looking for passionate individuals to pour their heart into Mover and be successful with us in the long run.


We hope you can work in a team environment and dedicate yourself to continuous learning. Being able to problem solve on your own is also a great asset. We work as a team, but we need strong independent thinkers to propel us forward.

We're currently looking for an experienced, senior software developer. What does senior mean to us? It means you are capable of planning, coding, testing, and supporting a project, big or small, from start to finish. It means you know how to communicate your ideas effectively while working with others, and collaborating seamlessly with your peers.

Proficient oral and written communication skills are super important. Communication is key! Please read our other general requirements on the main careers page.

Other Info

  • Term: Full-time
  • Compensation: Salary and revenue sharing.
  • We are committed to hiring women, minorities, and people from the LGBTQ community. We encourage you to apply if you identify as such.

How to Apply

  1. Familiarize yourself with Mover. We have some great guides and information on our website. If you don't know what we do we'll have a pretty awkward interview.
  2. Please send your resume, LinkedIn, GitHub, or anything else you feel like sharing to