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Start migrating to Office 365 (including OneDrive and SharePoint Online) in minutes.
No database installations.
No server setup.

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Migrate to Office 365 from almost anywhere

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Better in every way

Use Mover to get your data into Office 365 faster than any other cloud migrator. From start to finish, we are more reliable and provide better support. See the difference.

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Nothing to install

Migrate your entire company to Office 365 without leaving your browser.

If you're getting into the cloud you shouldn't be installing old desktop software, right?! Read more...

Mass migrations

Bulk migrate users and data into Office 365. Create individual jobs or batch thousands of users. Just how many users can we migrate?


Manage your migration to Office 365 with our automated scheduling feature. Plan final cutovers without worry. Learn about the importance of schedules.

Real-time logging

Full detailed audit logs for each transfer. Stay compliant. Know exactly what happened and when. Learn about our great logs.

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Mover accomplished in a week,
what would have taken me months.

Justine Bienkowski, IT Manager at BuzzFeed

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Military grade security

We take security seriously. Data is encrypted end-to-end using 256-bit encryption, just like your bank.

Learn more about our security

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Let us do the work

Our tidy file migration system will copy over all your user profiles, permissions, and folder sharing settings to Office 365. All in bulk, all at once.

Read about our powerful infrastructure

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Get it done fast

We provide the fastest cloud-to-cloud transfers in the world.

100 terabytes in one day? No problem.

Why is Mover so fast?

Next steps

Help yourself via our web app, or...

Have our seasoned Professional Services team take the reins.

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The Gritty Details

No installations

You're going to Office 365. Microsoft has built the best cloud storage solution out there. Isn't downloading server images and desktop software a really tired and old-school way of getting started in the cloud? Mover is hosted by us in the cloud so that you never have to think about set up or configuration beyond what or who is moving, and where.

We pride ourselves on being fully capable of migrating any number of users or amount of data, all from within your browser. Setup, manage, migrate.

Scaled migrations

Utilizing cutting edge, patented technology, Mover optimizes your data transfer automatically. Throw thousands of users into our system and we will instantly scale up with migration efficiency. Mover fully utilizes the throughput capabilities of our endpoints at Microsoft.

Since speed is so important we have designed our infrastructure to run many operations in parallel. With advanced multi-threading, we throw dozens or even hundreds of Mover bots at each user that is migrating. This ensures that we are migrating your users as fast as possible.


Your users need to be working while their Office 365 migration is underway. Files will change during the course of your transfer so we had better go back and check for changes, right?! With our scheduling features you can tell Mover to check for changes on a regular basis while you spend your time prepping a final cutover and communicating with your stakeholders. There's nothing more frustrating than getting to the final weekend and realizing that there's still too much to prepare for.

Mover schedules are an excellent way to help manage your migration.

Real-time logging

We get it - you need to tell the boss what's going on. You might be wholly responsible for this migration or part of a team. Either way, you need insight into exactly what is happening and when.

Our logging system is robust and secure. From the moment a transfer starts you can see which files have migrated, their status, and troubleshoot any errors.

You have privacy concerns, and we're not interested in keeping your private data around. So Mover logs automatically expire after 90 days. You can easily filter each log for clarity, and save them for later review via our bulk download options.


Oh how we love this one. Security is paramount at Mover. Here is, specifically, how we secure your data:

  • Mover never accepts inbound connections. We must initiate an outbound request to download or upload files.
  • Few access vectors are available to attackers, and we monitor each one in real-time for intrusion.
  • All your data is encrypted in transit using TLS.
  • Files smaller than 64kb are never written to disk.
  • Anything else is temporarily stored on encrypted disks.
  • After a file is uploaded it is immediately deleted and overwritten multiple times.
  • 2-factor authentication is mandatory for all sensitive systems.
  • Access to our servers is continually and securely logged.
  • Monitoring all our infrastructure for viruses daily and intrusion scans.
  • Containerized infrastructure insulates your data from other customers.
  • Logs we generate from your transfers automatically delete in 90 days.

Powerful infrastructure

Using the latest in container technology, we are able to spin up massive transfers in a matter of seconds.

Our infrastructure is global and we deploy workers across various ecosystems.

We auto-scale based on need and our queues intelligently limit jobs for optimal performance and throughput.

Why is Mover so fast?

Decades of domain expertise and serious optimization. Combine this with our patented Swarms infrastructure, and Mover's capacity to migrate data to Office 365 is unparalleled.