Rackspace Cloud Files

Rackspace Cloud Files Migrations with Mover

Rackspace is the leader in hybrid cloud and opens source operating systems. They have a long standing reputation for providing the best-fit infrastructure for IT needs by leveraging their extensive product portfolio. Mover is able to hook into and transfer in and out data from the Rackspace cloud.

With Mover, it is simple and fast to move files in and out of the Rackspace cloud. It is always important to ensure that your valuable files are in more than one location. This Connector is bi-directionally compatible with all of our other Connectors, as well it can utilize the full range of tools offered by Mover.

Transferring files on a regular schedule.

  • Transferring to or from Rackspace Cloud Files from a separate service.
  • Sharing large files on a different service like Google Drive.
  • Simply creating a backup of your working files to another service like Amazon S3.
  • Creating a schedule to manage file transfers and backups with Rackspace and other Connectors.

File security is taken very seriously here at Mover and we protect every file you move in or out of Rackspace as securely as we can. All transfers are encrypted end-to-end and we are committed to continuously reviewing and improving your file security. Our Security Overview is a great read, and we encourage all our uses to take a moment to read through it.

With the Mover Rackspace Connector, managing your files has never been easier.