SFTP Migrations with Mover

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a secure protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management functionalities. For years, it has allowed users to move their information between destinations and support website development. Many issues have come up in use of SFTP such as slow transfer speeds, dependence on local servers, and limited mobility across platforms. By using Mover, your webpages and files will be easier to access than ever!

It is hard to use technologies like SFTP, so that's why we created Mover. Instead of wasting hours of time uploading or downloading a website or other content to and from the desktop, simply connect Mover with your SFTP server and we will be able to handle the rest. You can even turn your computer off and rest assured that Mover will be handling your transfer.

The SFTP Connector utilizes all of Mover's service offerings, allowing for bi-directional compatibility in transfers, differential transfers, creating schedules, and archiving. Some of the ways Mover is making SFTP even better are:

  • Migrating your website from website host to website host seamlessly (eg GoDaddy to FTP).
  • Making a backup of your website in the cloud.
  • Transferring your SFTP files to a cloud storage service.
  • Scheduling your preferred file transfers and backups.
  • Stop you dependence on local servers to drive transfers.

At Mover we take your files' security very seriously, and that means we protect every file you move in or out of SFTP as securely as we can. We encrypt each transfer from end-to-end and we are dedicated to constantly improving our security practices.

With the Mover SFTP Connector, we aim to help you better manage your SFTP based files and websites.