Paul Chunn, VP of Corporate Technology Services at Bandwidth, engaged Mover to help transition his team from Box for Business to G Suite Drive.

Finding a Fit

As a technology company, Bandwidth understood that migrating company data between cloud storage providers could be a complicated process without help. They wanted it done quickly and correctly but wanted it done by a company that matched their values. Bandwidth appreciates the trend-setters and big dreamers in any industry and was happy to find a match in Mover.

Proving Our Worth

Before making the a decision, Bandwidth required a proof of concept. Working closely with their Mover representative, Bandwidth was able to test the entire scope of their migration. Each of Bandwidth’s 300 employees collaborated on a complex amount of shared data and asking individuals to recreate that sharing structure wasn’t practical. Mover has the ability to recreate sharing structures in Google Drive as the migration progresses.. With this test, and proof in hand, Bandwidth was able to greenlight Mover.

“I was thrilled that Mover was able to recreate our complicated sharing structure, this was one of my biggest concerns.”

Communication and Planning

Employee communication was very important to Bandwidth and Mover agrees this is one of the most important aspects of a large data migration. Detailed planning is something that Mover was able to provide and to help Bandwidth employees Mover provided documentation on best practices that was easily distributed to all parties involved.

“Ensuring that my employees understood what was happening was very important to me. Mover shared this concern and was able walk me through the process in detail. They were even able to provide documentation that made this easier on me.”

The Big Kick-Off

With testing and planning complete, Bandwidth was ready for Mover to kick off the migration of 300 users and 3,000 gigabytes of data. The first pass was complete within two days!

The Final Switch

Mover kept a close eye on a the small handful of users that owned a large portion of the total data. Once these users were complete, Mover and Bandwidth were able to schedule the final delta migration with the intent to pick up any new or modified files that had been added to the source. This takes a very small amount of time and was done over a weekend. This allowed the users to show up to work on Monday morning and begin using their new Google for Work accounts knowing that their data was up to date.

Summing Up

A close relationship with Mover allowed Bandwidth to make the transition to Google for Work without trouble. Paul and Bandwidth were able to count the migration of the entire company from Box to Google as a success.

“I was impressed with the level of attention and communication I was given throughout the process. The engagement was quick and simple and I was happy with the migration.”