Justine Bienkowski, IT Manager at BuzzFeed engaged Mover to help transition her team from Dropbox for Business to Egnyte.

Thinking Ahead

No stranger to complicated procurements and deployments, Ms. Bienkowski set out to ensure her stakeholders had a smooth transition during their Dropbox to Egnyte migration. This type of migration could potentially disrupt the entire business if employees were left without their data for any period of time.

“Mover helped us fully understand the complexities of our migration ahead of time.”

Understanding the Procedure

BuzzFeed had to migrate approximately five hundred employees. Each employee shared a complex amount of data, and asking indivduals to recreate that sharing structure wasn’t practical. Mover has the built in capabilities to automatically reshare data once it is migrated, and BuzzFeed was able to take advantage of this, saving them a lot of time and headache.

Another important consideration was the different organization paradigm that Egnyte employs, versus Dropbox. Egnyte provide a globally shared repository for all users in your organization, with additional private directories for each user. Dropbox offers individual accounts that can cross-collaborate. These different methodologies needed to be reconciled before the migration was to take place. In order to reduce friction and training time for each BuzzFeed employee, Mover normalized the data transfer from Dropbox into the shared directory in Egnyte. This allowed everyone to have a quick and painless experience when logging into Egnyte for the first time.

Timelines and What to Expect

“Mover accomplished in a week, what would have taken me months.” remarked Ms. Bienkowski.

How long a migration will take is a very important question to ask. Planning and communication once you have that answer are even more important. With several terabytes of data split between hundreds of users, BuzzFeed was looking to migrate during a single work week with multiple incremental passes following. All said and done, including waiting time, their migration from Dropbox for Business to Egnyte took ten days.

Final Switch

Over a long weekend Mover ran a final incremental pass on the migration data to look for any changes that may have occurred since users were still working in Dropbox as files were silently being moved behind the scenes. An incremental pass takes very little time, sometimes minutes in certain scenarios.

Best practice is to perform a migration in the background while all employees are being prepped and trained in Egnyte. When ready, typically during the weekend when nobody is modifying files, a final incremental pass is completed, and all employees start their work week fresh in Egnyte. Low friction. Easy to support.

Ongoing Backups

A migration is a good time to consider a long-term archive of all your data. Ms. Bienkowski decided that taking a full backup of all her Dropbox for Business data would be prudent, and she entrusted the Mover Vault to store it.

BuzzFeed needed a very quick, secure, and hassle free place to archive all their Dropbox for Business data. The Mover Vault was ideally suited for this.

Summing Up

Working together with Mover, Ms. Bienkowski was able to handle the in-house complexities of her cloud storage migration while Mover took care of the heavy lifting. At the end of the day, Ms. Bienkowski was able to record a win for herself, her team, and all of BuzzFeed.