Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

To continue creating world-class technologies for customers, Dolby management appointed Mover to consolidate two G Suite Drive accounts and transfer 150 users into Box.

Attracting Talent

Dolby Laboratories’ collegial culture, challenging projects, and the opportunity to work on the latest entertainment technologies attracts some of the greatest talent from across the globe. With 36 offices worldwide, employees bring art and science together, delivering spectacular entertainment experiences to consumers.

Founder Ray Dolby was a scientist and inventor who valued a work environment that fostered both individual creativity and teamwork, intellectual curiosity and practical problem-solving. Forward thinking, respect, and a true work-life balance were of utmost importance to him.

As Dolby Laboratories grows under the guidance of new leadership, they continuously reflect Ray’s values. Dolby is now comprised of hundreds of scientists, engineers, and movie or music enthusiasts who are dedicated to innovation and invention.

Switching to Box

To continue offering world-class technologies to customers, Dolby management determined that consolidating their two Google Drive accounts was essential. They turned to Mover for a secure and effortless migration of corporate files from G Suite Drive to Box.

Mainly used for business services, Box was the secure file sharing and storage service Dolby had been searching for. Users could create and share documents seamlessly across iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices.

In Box, each Dolby employee would receive unlimited storage and each individual file could contain up to 5GB of data. Teams could easily share files from the cloud by providing their colleagues a link via email or directly from Box.

Sound board

Mover’s Solutions

Although management could have self-served this migration via Mover’s web app, they concluded that utilizing Mover’s professional services would ensure a stress-free transfer. G Suite and Box are very different cloud storage providers, and many details were considered for this 150 user and 500GB migration.

In G Suite Drive, content may exist in multiple locations based on how each user prefers to organize their files. When a folder is shared to another user, it appears in their Shared with Me section. From there, it can be added to the user’s My Drive and then placed in any folder of their choosing, including other shared folders. This sharing paradigm in G Suite Drive differs from Box, in the sense that Box only has one place for folders.

Management wanted to limit employee access to confidential files and folders. Mover mitigates this issue by always transferring permissions. Folders that were previously inaccessible to users in G Suite would remain invisible to them in Box.

Dolby management was also concerned that they might lose files because Google’s proprietary formats are not compatible with anything other than G Suite Drive. When migrating into Box, Mover will convert content from the G Suite format to Microsoft Office format. Management was satisfied with this solution as it would prevent any files from being left behind.

The Delta Pass

During a migration, Box’s Terms of Service can be problematic by blocking any data uploaded into Box until each individual has accepted the terms. Mover’s solution for this is allowing a Box administrator to temporarily disable the Terms of Service requirement so the migration can take place without all users having to log in and accept the terms.

After management had disabled the terms, provisioned all users in Box, and provided Mover with authorization to connect to G Suite and Box, Mover performed a one-time content migration of important corporate files.

In only two weeks, all Dolby files were transferred from both Google Drive accounts into their respective Box accounts with folder and file structure in place. Sharing permissions for each folder were also transferred. The Terms of Service were re-enabled after the migration and work resumed as expected the following Monday morning.