Sell Cloud Storage Faster

Do you resell cloud storage, or are you an IT vendor supporting different storage solutions? Work closely with Mover to ensure your clients have a smooth transition between storage providers.

Use our hosted, online, enterprise self-serve tools or allow us to get our hands dirty and manage it for you.

You benefit from reduced pricing, reduced stress, and happier customers. Focus on the next deal. Read about:

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Channel Partners

Discounts on our prices and you manage the customer.

You've worked hard for this deal and the customer wants you to be the point of contact. Take care of all the billing and customer relationship and let Mover's Professional Services team help you directly.

  • You handle the billing and customer relationship.
  • No revenue commitments.
  • We pay on first deal for qualified partners.

Enjoy Mover's powerful tools to manage any project by yourself. Our support team is here to help.

Large client? Need some industry experts to back you up in the board room? Our Professional Services team can help you close the deal and fully manage your migration.

Self-serve or managed, we will get you and your customers across the finish line faster than anyone else.

How to be a Channel Partner
  1. Your clients, your leads, your billing.
  2. Enjoy partner discounts and volume pricing.
  3. You self-serve or have Mover manage for you.

Get in touch with us at to learn more.

Referral Partners

Earn commission by sending us deals we close.

  • Mover handles all the billing and the customer relationship.
  • No revenue commitments.
  • No administration or follow-up required.

Trust to us to help you and take care of your valued customers.

How to be a Referral Partner
  1. Source and qualify your leads.
  2. Send your lead to Mover.
  3. Mover closes the deal.
  4. Customer gets billed directly by Mover.
  5. You receive a commission cheque.

Get in touch with us at to learn more.

Storage Provider Partners

Increase onboarding and sales productivity.

We work very closely with some of the largest cloud storage providers in the world. Each one has a unique value and purpose that we strive to help fulfill. Most importantly, we help cloud storage providers onboard customer data faster than they normally could.

Our Partners
Do you work for a cloud storage partner?

If you work for one of our cloud storage partners we have special information for you. Email us at to learn more and send us your leads.

Some great reasons you'll want to talk to us include:

  • You have clients interested in getting their data into your system.
  • You need some extra sales help explaining how migrating will be.
  • You're planning a migration and would like us to be your migration experts.
Not Supported by Mover Yet?

We strive to have a broad range of support for the cloud storage industry. If we don't yet have an integration with your service please don't hesitate to reach out to us to talk about how we can work together to support your customers.