Amazon S3 Added to Mover

Amazon S3 Added to Mover

Today we’re announcing one of our biggest Connectors, the Amazon S3 Connector! Users of Amazon S3 will now be able to take advantage of Mover’s services to help migrate and backup their files to and from Amazon S3!

Being the world’s largest online retailer wasn’t enough for Amazon it seems. With their addition of Amazon Web Services, and subsequently Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon has developed a strong presence in the cloud computing space. Over at Mover we couldn’t be happier that they did, as it gives us the opportunity to work with them and add Amazon S3 as a Mover Connector!

S3 is reported to be holding over 2 trillion objects, which for perspective is 5 objects for each of the 400 billion stars in our galaxy. That’s an insane amount of data (although they haven’t released the average size of an object), and at Mover we know that not all of that data is going to sit in S3 forever. With the Amazon S3 Connector, we’re helping move files in and out of S3 every day.

Some companies are using us to help automate and schedule backups of their internal files to S3, others are using the connector to get their files to and from S3 and other cloud storages like Box, and lots of people are using it to move and secure their websites! Regardless of the use, we’re excited to have this versatile Connector added to our repertoire!

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