Helping Copy and CudaDrive Users Find A New Home

Helping Copy and CudaDrive Users Find A New Home

OneDrive To Rule Them All

Barracuda’s Copy and CudaDrive services are being discontinued on May 1, 2016. This announcement comes as part of Barracuda’s initiatives to focus efforts on strengthening their integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Office 365 to provide enhanced security, management, and backup solutions for Office 365.

Mover will provide a smooth migration path for any Copy and CudaDrive users who would like to migrate to a new provider. At Mover, we process more than 95 million files a day. We’re excited to help transition as many users as possible from Copy and CudaDrive to their new homes, wherever they may be.

Read Barracuda’s official statement here.

A New Hope

Copy was launched in 2013 as a cloud storage service backed by a giant in both security and storage, Barracuda Networks.

Barracuda achieved great strides with its personal Copy product, and launched CudaDrive in August 2015 to provide companies with a tailored cloud file service.

With the overall cost of cloud storage slowly approaching zero, it’s important to consider the services tied directly to where your data lies. What could be a better choice than a cloud storage service integrated seamlessly with a full suite of apps you’ve used for years? Enter Microsoft OneDrive, the cloud storage provider officially recommended by Barracuda for existing CudaDrive and Copy users. Mover has an integration with OneDrive that makes transporting data from Copy or CudaDrive into OneDrive as easy as a few simple clicks.

Collaboration Made Easy

Microsoft has built a great cloud service with OneDrive, integrating it into their familiar Office suite of apps (like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook) - as a result, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are especially powerful tools for collaboration with friends and coworkers alike.

It’s an incredibly easy switch for people coming from local file environments, legacy systems, or business IT environments already using Microsoft applications on a daily basis.

“Mover provides a great solution for customers looking to migrate their data to and from Office 365. We are looking forward to offering our Office 365 productivity suite to CudaDrive and other Mover customers that choose to migrate their data to OneDrive for Business.”

Rob Howard, Director, Office 365 Ecosystems at Microsoft. 

Click here for more information on migration from Copy (personal use).

Click here for more information on migration from CudaDrive (business use).

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