About Our Connectors

Mover links over a dozen cloud service providers, web services, and databases to Office 365, including OneDrive and SharePoint Online. We lovingly refer to these links as our Connectors.

Why should you use our Connectors? Here are two of our favourite reasons:

  • Migrate multiple users and large data volumes to Microsoft quickly, easily, and securely.
  • Save bandwidth by copying files through our web-based service instead of using a desktop sync tool.

Which Connector to Use for Each Microsoft Service

Microsoft Service Which Mover Connector to Use
Azure Blob Storage Azure Blob Storage Connector
OneDrive Consumer OneDrive Consumer Connector
OneDrive for Business (Administrator) Office 365 Connector
OneDrive for Business (User) OneDrive for Business (User) Connector
SharePoint Online Office 365 Connector
SharePoint on-premise Agent Connector (source Connector only) or the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

For more on our Connectors and how they work, visit our guides.