MySQL Migrations with Mover

MySQL is one of the most widely used relationship database management systems in the world. It provides users an open-sourced platform for access to databases and webpages.

Some concerns that have been raised with MySQL, however, are that it can cause dependency on a personal local server, limits mobility between different hosting platforms, and has sluggish transfer times. With the Mover MySQL Connector, users can now securely migrate their databases and websites with ease.

Our MySQL Connector is able to utilize Mover's full suite of tools including creating archives, differential transfers, and schedules.

Some of the ways Mover optimizes your MySQL files are:

  • Backing up your MySQL databases in the cloud.
  • Backing up your websites to cloud services.
  • Migrating your databases between different MySQL databases.
  • Migrating your websites from hosting service to service (eg GoDaddy to FTP).
  • Setting up schedules for backing up and migrations.
  • Creating differential transfers to ensure databases and webpages are maintained and up-to-date.
  • Removes dependency on personal servers to initiate and drive transfers.

At Mover, we take your information security very seriously and that means protecting every bit of information you move into MySQL as securely as we can.

All of your transfers are encrypted end-to-end and we are committed to constantly revising and improving our security practices.

Using the Mover MySQL Connector, we are sure you will be able to better manage your databases and websites in MySQL.