SharePoint Migrations with Mover

Mover integrates with dozens of different services. One of our largest and most enterprise-driven Connectors is SharePoint.

Utilizing the Mover SharePoint Connector, you can easily move files in and out of your SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 libraries.

The Sharepoint Connector supports Mover's fully bi-directional file transfers and there are a wide variety of uses for our SharePoint integration. Here are a few:

  • Migrate your entire organization from SharePoint to another service like Box or Egnyte.
  • Backup your company's Libraries to an alternate server that you control.
  • Schedule ongoing information pushes from SharePoint to an auxiliary system like Box or Egnyte.
  • Get multiple offices on the same page when they deploy different versions of SharePoint.

Mover takes security precautions very seriously. Any time a Connector is used with Sharepoint, whether in, out, or within, the files are encrypted end-to-end. Mover is dedicated to continuously increase file security for our customers.

Just like a library card, the Mover SharePoint Connector lets you check files in and out of SharePoint – if you or your team need to move files, our SharePoint library connector is for you!