$20 per user
$1 per GB
includes 20 GB per user

Quick Estimate

I need to migrate from to .

I have gigabytes of data.

Total migration cost: $20

What is a user?

We consider the user accounts in your cloud storage systems to be users. Think of it as the unique pairings between the source and destination with which you are migrating.

For example: if you have 50 Box user accounts and wish to migrate them to 35 OneDrive user accounts, we would count that as 50 users.
Another example: You have a single SharePoint library, but wanted to migrate that to 35 Box users, we would count that as 35 users.
Additional example: You have 10 SharePoint libraries each inside their own site, and want to migrate them all to a single Box user account, we would count that as 10 users.
Last example: You have 5 Dropbox Team Folders, and want to migrate them all to 5 separate G Suite Team Drives, we would count that as 5 users.

Sharing, permissions, and setting ACLs do not count toward users. So 1 account can share with 1,000 accounts and still count as 1 user.

What if I don't have users?

Same pricing! You pay a minimum of $20 and get 20 GB included. Any overages are post-billed at $1 per GB.

This mainly applies to transfers from connectors such as FTP to Amazon S3, or an individual Dropbox account to an individual Google Drive.

I have more data than users.

All data is pooled. Users you migrate will contribute their initial 20 GB data allowance toward their peers. One user might only own 5 GB of data, but their peer owns 35 GB of data, and that's ok because they get a total of 40 GB before paying overages.

Am I signing up for a recurring subscription?

Nope! We don't charge recurring base fees. Migrations are one-time fees with the potential to pay for overages. You pay $20 up front, get 20 GB, and then we will bill you anytime you use more than that first 20 GB.

We used to offer subscriptions for other features, and we may choose to do so in the future, but migrations are always one-time.

Do I get to transfer unlimited data for $20?

No. You receive 20 GB for $20. Anything you transfer after that we will automatically bill you at a rate of $1 per GB transferred.

Tell me about these overages.

All users get a minimum of 20 GB included in their migration. If you need more, we first move the data, then calculate the total, and bill you $1 for each extra GB you needed.

What currency do you bill in?

All pricing is billed in USD.

Can you do the migration for me?

Sure! We offer professional services in addition to our self-service app. Reach out to us via email or phone and we'll be happy to talk about how we can help. Say hi at or at +1 866-820-4422.

We have successfully helped customers from all industries and sizes. From a 5 person accounting firm to 50,000 employee multi-nationals.