Cloud Migrations

Whether you're moving hundreds of users or a terabyte of data, we've got you covered! Our app is the fastest way to move your files from one cloud service to another. No downloads, no installations - it's all cloud hosted and scalable.

Migrating a whole domain of users with a complicated permissions scheme? Our Migration Manager will help you match who's-who between a multi-user source and destination, and then copy and re-share the data as it was in the source.

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Cloud Migration Manager
Cloud Backup Manager

Cloud Backups

Backup your cloud or on-prem data to over twenty different destinations!

By scheduling a transfer hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly you can rest assured your data is protected from untimely accidents such as deletion or loss. Set it, forget it, and let Mover do all the heavy lifting.

Whether it's a full snapshot or only new or modified files, we can put your data in the destination as-is or archive it in a .zip file.

Not only is it best practice, but backing up your data is one of the best ways to stay in compliance with IT policies.

Managed Services

Mover has moved billions of files for businesses big & small, between dozens of different cloud and on-prem services, and we're always ready to tackle a project of any size.

Our experienced sales team members are cloud experts and our past clientele are just as diverse as our know-how. View our Customer Case Studies Here.

For more information on managed enterprise services, visit our pricing page or contact us directly at for a quote.

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Over Twenty Cloud Connectors
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Mover Vault & More!

Backup unlimited data securely - you only pay for what you move in or out! Click here for more information on how the Mover Vault might be exactly what you're looking for in a backup solution.

Other features and services we provide include:

  • Detailed logs for troubleshooting and IT compliance.
  • Maintaining sharing permissions from source to destination.
  • Our archive feature, which lets you put everything in a .zip file to preserve space.
  • Incrementally transferring only new or modified files in a migration or backup.